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Annual Registration:            $35/student or $60 Family

Price Menu:
Classes billed over 10 installments.  
45min-1hour: $50
1hr 15min: $62.5
1hr 30min: $75

Pay in-full discounts available. 

Multi-Class Discounts*:
  • 1st Class: price as shown
  • 2nd Class: $3 off price shown
  • 3rd Class: $7 off price shown
  • 4th Class: $12 off price shown
  • 5th Class: $15 off price shown
  • 6th Class: $18 off price shown
  • 7th Class: $25 off price shown
  • 8th or more Classes: FREE

Multi-Student Discount:

10% off the 2nd and 3rd dancer. Contact CSDA for rates with 3 or more dancers.

New students: Not sure what classes are best for your dancer? Register here we will contact you to schedule your placement appointment.

A form of classical dance demanding highly developed technique, grace and precision, executed according to specific gestures and flowing patterns. Traditional ballets are usually performed with elaborate costumes and music written by classical composers like Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake, The Nutcracker), Delibes (Coppélia) or Prokofiev (Cinderella).  Pointe is a form of ballet presented on the tips of the toes, made possible by specialized shoes. There are different varieties of ballet en pointe, but for the most part they focus on grace and specific technique. Dancers must have sufficient strength and technique before beginning pointe work. (Pre-requisite: Approval from the Ballet Mistress)
A follow up to creative movement with an introduction of basic, ballet, jazz and tap techniques. Emphasis is placed on classroom structure, musicality skills, learning right and left, following direction and developing social skills in a nurturing environment.
Creative Movement
A joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Creative movement uses body actions to: communicate an image (the wind), communicate an idea (a journey) or communicate a feeling (strength). Creative Movement provides children with opportunities for noncompetitive, success-oriented and creative experiences.

Through movement, children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and each other. Creative movement activities should encourage all children to participate. Both boys and girls enjoy these classes. All children can benefit, including children with communication, sensory, developmental or physical challenges.
Hip Hop
Styles primarily danced to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, popping, locking, and krumping.
A variety of theatrical dance, usually but not necessarily danced to jazz music, originating in the United States under choreographers such as Bob Fosse
A genre of concert dance that employs systems and methods found in modern dance and postmodern dance. Contemporary dance draws on modern dance techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques by altogether omitting structured form and movement.
A dance form in which the performer taps out rhythms and patterns with his or her heels and toes while wearing special shoes with small metal plates called taps.
Musical Theater
A form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance.
Irish Classes
A type of performance dance originating in Ireland from traditional Irish dance. Irish stepdancing has been recently popularized by the world-famous show "Riverdance" and its followers.
A very passionate and emotional dance style. It portrays certain emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made.
New students: Not sure what classes are best for your dancer? Register here we will contact you to schedule your placement appointment.
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